Monday, January 26, 2009

Leadership is INTERACTION

Leadership occurs every time there is “interaction” – someone is going to lead and someone is going to follow. The question isn’t whether or not you’re a leader… it’s how well you lead.

The scope of what “leadership” is and what it really means to “be a leader” are incredibly misunderstood topics in today’s world. For better or worse, when people hear the term leader, they think of iconic or celebrity-like leaders – chief executives of multinational corporations, heads of state, and others who are in the public eye.

Some individuals look at leadership as something that’s ordained or granted by position or authority – something that someone else does, something external to them. If you share that view, you may have lost sight of the potential greatness that lies within you.

How aware are you of the impact that YOU do have and can have on others?

And, how are YOU using your energy, power and influence in leading others?

In EVERY interaction between people someone is going to lead [and sometimes that’s positive and sometimes it’s not].

It’s time to recognise AND believe that leaders are found in many places other than in the “boardrooms” or in high positions. If you are a sales professional or counselor, you are a leader. If you are a business owner or a receptionist, you are a leader. If you a parent or a teacher, YOU MOST CERTAINLY ARE A LEADER!

These are the Everyday Leaders – whether they recognise it or not. When awakened, Everyday Leaders can have enormous impact on those around them. They see the millions of chances that come along every day to make a better connection, to make a difference, to empower, to enliven, to use their passion. They see the millions of opportunities to shine and to help others find their own greatness.

Everyday Leaders see what so many others don’t. They capitalise on these opportunities and create even more without trying, while others wait for their time to come along – not realising it’s been there, every day, at every moment.

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