Friday, August 07, 2015

The Search Carries On For MH370

The media communities were hot on the trail to the Malaysia Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Mohd Najib’s early morning media conference on flight MH370 on Thursday. Following which a Ministry of Transportation media conference was called to brief and answer some of the beckoning questions that may allay concerns from the bereaved families and loved ones of the said flight.

“It has been a trying time for the families of the passengers and the crew on board of the ill fated MH370. No words can express the pain and sorrows they have gone through this one and a half year. 

Without physical proof, it has been challenging and now we have physical proof which brings us closer to the truth and closure. 

A few hours ago our Prime Minister has confirmed that the ‘flaperon’ is from MH370. 

Our Malaysian team of experts in Toulouse have indeed confirmed the parts were from MH370. This conclusion was reached as the technical details of the ‘flaperon’ matched with the MAS's record.

I appreciate that investigators need to continue with the verification process and conduct further tests. We appreciate the support of the French authorities and respect that they have chosen to continue with the investigation and verification process. 

The ‘flaperon’ recovery location is consistent with the drift analysis determined by the experts (The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation of Australia). 

In Malaysia's time of need we have been blessed with tremendous support from many nations including China, Australia, USA, France, UK and others.” said Dato’ Seri Liow Tiong Lai, Malaysia Minister of Transport in his message. 

On concerns raised by some families as to Malaysia confirming the ‘flaperon’, Dato’ Sri Liow further emphasized, it was evident on the MAS’s maintenance record with the colours and other technical details were indeed from the ill fated MH370. With due respect to the French 'non' affirmation; the fragments and additional debris were found in their territory thus requires continued tests and verification to be meted out. 

The search for flight MH370 has covered an area spanned over 60,000 km which equates to 85% of the Indian Ocean, is now stretched to additional 60,000 km (totaled to 95%) considering the drift pattern of the area. The remaining five per cent is the whole of the Indian Ocean.

“Therefore we are convinced that the way forward is indeed MH370 located in the south of the Indian Ocean and now we have found part of the wreckage MH370 and we will further discuss whether to continue looking at existing areas or to another. 

I have telephoned the China Minister of Transport and have discussed to select the dates as soon as possible for the three nations (Australia, China and Malaysia) to meet and discuss what to do next. 

Presently there are two vessels plying the region on a search mission. China has promised to add another vessel to the fleet. 

Meanwhile we are waiting for an expert opinion on the search area. The search will continue until the end of this year or early next year.” said Liow.

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