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UMNO – Is it relevant still??

People I met over the past few months, voices their grief, their concerns and mostly frustrations over the shaky political scenario ie; in UMNO. A Mammoth of the nation.
UMNO has come of age with turbulence from external and most worrisome from within. Envied by many…today, been ridiculed by the Western champions.

The pinnacle of its reign over the past 63 years, and Barisan Nasional (BN) is undergoing the test of times against the might of change from the start of its dwindling support of the majority in the recent General Election 2008.

In the last 50 years of nationhood. No one questioned the relevance of UMNO. The struggle of our founding fathers, mending the racial gaps to exuberance. Mind you, a price has to be paid for the nation to carry forward; par excellence. 13th May 1969, was a black day for democracy in Malaysia. At its infant stage, with such fallacy. Where generations to come halted, wondering why?

UMNO is not entirely a Malay protectionist. It is the shield, fending and guarding the interest of all races, too. The captain of the ship; charting its course to the Neverland. A vision never before dreamt and achieved by any other states on these Mother Earth.

The weakening of the threshold in UMNO, is ever rumbling. Let us not forget the history of once called Malaya into Malaysia.

The ever called “Malays” in tandem with the Chinese and the Indians, shook hands in the principles of the Constitutions. Yet, on the same utterance, it resurfaces and tainted the harmony so much enjoyed by many (citizens) in the quest for power by one man.

What transpires this event?

Anwar Ibrahim manages to harbour ill feelings among the racial complexity to full advantage. He has the opportunity, to experience power within UMNO. Nepotism and cronyism ran free without check. Ever budding and wannabe politicians likened to be associated with him. In the grim of time, he has catapulted his personal agenda to further his ambitions to destroy the very essence of the Constitution and mocking the nation, riding on UMNO as the vehicle.

He has tasted blood, not tasted by others in power before, in rapid rise.

During his (Anwar) tenure as the Finance Minister; has exceeded to flash Pink Forms (Form of Share Application) to his kindred. Power with cash was luxuriate. He began promoting “Politik Wang” ie. power through wealth (unabashedly), despite numerous advise and calls by the then premiere; Mahathir.

Anwar, was vocal (so called; justice through demonstrations) during his early days of tertiary education and associations. Needless, Mahathir needed fresh blood, hoping Anwar would mature (as he appears in age) to steer the nation and to flourish as an emerging nation.

However, Anwar has other sinister plan, which emerges on his prior and on expulsion from UMNO. Open talks and street demonstrations (which was unheard of), was the choice taken to leverage Anwar into power. Anarchy seems the solution for him taking over the helm.

Mahathir’s ‘political son’ finally committed treason on his own race and the general population.

Anwar has led the party into chaos and divided. The pathway into mature politics changes. Members with “wealth” and incense vocal and hoodwinks, began creeping into the long process of UMNOism. It begin to taint the virtue and struggle of it’s initiatives.

The young ‘turks’, were premature. Not from the grassroots. New faces whom appeared to take the center stage.

The problems or issues lies within the power brokers in the UMNO hierarchy. Unknowns whom crashed landed on beds of roses. No previous and tested engagements with the grassroots. Manages to silence the members, with their ever golden promises (only to enriched their bellies).

These so called “leaders” failed to honour the aspirations, the leaders before them and the spirit of UMNO in whole. The desperations and grievances were shackled. The provisions under the constitutions, the ethics and principles of UMNO are just lip service. None fully implemented, only suffice to the wills of the leaders themselves.

In one incident; the head of an UMNO Division, once told the media. He cared less if 3,000 members left UMNO (from a number of 8,000). Indeed. The numbers been skimmed to only that are loyalist (with some rewards) towards his cause. Arrogance is cowardice to confront reality and to seek corrective measures.

The same leader has instilled hatred and bad taste of others among his ardent followers.
“We live very close together. So, our prime purpose in this life is to
help others. And if you can't help them, at least don't hurt them. - Dalai Lama”
A Chinese scholar once said, “A thousand friends is never enough, while one foe is more than many “.
On the same note. Sun Tzu; Art of War, propagates “P l a n n i n g a n A t t a c k"1. Everyone relies on the arts of war.
A united nation is strong.
A divided nation is weak.
A united army is strong.
A divided army is weak.
A united force is strong.
A divided force is weak.
United men are strong.
Divided men are weak.
A united unit is strong.
A divided unit is weak..”

UMNO will continue to devastate itself, with such menacing leaders still left to rummage any divisions. To these leaders (Divisions and branches); Power is translated to acquiring authority to siphon and cashing in the rewards.

An accident waiting to happen. If left unchecked and control, the coming General Election, the dreaded will materialised and mark the end of Malay struggle.
Much plans and developments been achieved, despite all the misgivings and misfortunes. UMNO has led the nation and continue leading, making others to turn their backs and take notice.

UMNO is the resounding father of the Malay struggle, not only for the nation’s independence.

Over the past 5 decades, policies were made to protect (Malay protectism, as accorded in the Federal Constitution), so the majority community has equal opportunity in this diverse multi racial society. Still in that retrospect steering the country, amid the nuances.

Socio-economics (micro and macro), administrations, politics and primarily, the rise of Malays as a great leader with its other brother; Chinese and Indian.

The Malaysia Inc., includes Malaysia Plan (5 year master plan), New Economic Plan, Financial practices were amongst ideas translated by Mahathir. Malaysia plays a pivotal role as mediator in stability and security and economy of many nations. Through UMNO, Malaysia championed the cause of the Third World, the Islamic countries and the Developing countries.

UMNO Supreme Council has to settle the accounts with voices from the grassroots. Most of the Division leaders, has skeletons in their closet. Close lid by the branch leaders. Riding on high horses with their man-in-arms. This close knitted leaders are likened and are sympathisers to Anwar and his cause.

4. You must master command.
The nation must support you.
3. Supporting the military makes the nation powerful.
Not supporting the military makes the nation weak.
5. The army's position is made more difficult by politicians in three
different ways.
a. Ignorant of the whole army’s inability to advance, they order an
b. Ignorant of the whole army’s inability to withdraw, they order a
We call this tying up the army.
Politicians don’t understand the army’s business.
Still, they think they can run an army.
This confuses the army’s officers.
12. Politicians don’t know the army’s chain of command.
They give the army too much freedom.
This will create distrust among the army’s officers.
15. The entire army becomes confused and distrusting.
This invites invasion by many different rivals.
We say correctly that disorder in an army kills victory – Sun Tzun; Art of War

The grassroots members has long been casted adrift, feeling much dismay and betrayed.

Lest not, closed our eye-lids. UMNO is still relevant. OR could Pakatan Rakyat (PR), lead Malaysia to glory? Look and read aloud. Since ruling over several states, PR, has nothing but picking on dirt of BN of the past and recently, bickering amongst themselves. Is this, what the population of Malaysia so adulated of?

It is in this crucial period, questions of UMNO relevance lies in the hands of UMNO Supreme Council. Search in depth with the conscience of the grassroots members. They wanted a revamp. Not ones with arrogance, lame and mere riding on others credits. A high order, an uphill task…

Oust the Jekyll and Hyde of UMNO struggle. The present leader who sow seeds of hatred (subtly), far reaching effects into the communal of Malays; known as true blooded of Phd (ill feelings towards others achievement).

The aftermath of 2008 political tsunami is a wake-up call!!. UMNO has to swallow the bitter pill. The brush with reality so much cushioned by these leaders, that everything is OKAY. In fact, it never was.

The grass is never greener on the next pasture. UMNO to me, still is RELEVANT. Only with sheer strength, desire and commitment towards change, may UMNO and the Malays and Malaysia, stride high.

God on our side. We shall carry on. For the Love of our KING, ISLAM and MALAYSIA

“We tend to forget that happiness doesn't come as a result of getting
something we don't have, but rather of recognising and appreciating
what we do have. - Frederick Koenig”

Dulu, Kini, Selamanya...

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