Wednesday, March 14, 2012

What would the outcome be?....Mr. CM, anxious?

Lim Guan Eng is slowly fading when he admitted that he is worried Pakatan Rakyat might lose its political grip in Penang. His statement in a Chinese newspaper, Nanyang Siang Pau clearly depicts his lowest confidence in facing the coming General Election (GE).

His worries were contributed by the rigorous efforts by BN in gaining the rakyat's support in the state, following to the numerous visits made by BN leaders zeroing in hot zones in Penang. He is also worried with the growing discontents due to several issues.

He added that it may be difficult for PR to overcome BN when it comes to "machinery", "money" and "media", also known as the 3M where BN has the advantage as the governing goverment. He targeted winning 100 from 222 seats that is seems enough for PR as it would definitely create chaos and a "hung Parliament" on BN (especially directed to UMNO). When BN lost 2/3 of majority, Dato’ Seri Najib will certainly be challenged and his rivals would help to overthrow BN; off balanced.

That was the statement uttered by Guan Eng personally. What is certain, his anxiety is not limited to a few matters that he had mentioned above. But, the most critical factor would be of himself.
Before gaining power in Penang, Lim Guan Eng or DAP in general is synonymous to racism and chauvinist values. The fact that DAP triggered May 13 can never be erased from history despite their best efforts.

When Guan Eng became Penang's Chief Minister, the Rakyat were warned of DAP's characteristics of such. It is now proven....reality shows. Lim Guan Eng without feeling remorse, has broken the egg shell with the Indians by seizing their lands and destroying shops and kampungs owned by the Malays.

Political watchdogs and almost everyone could clearly see, Lim Guan Eng shooing other races systematically by enforcing power and laws upon them. Lands were seized to develop homes and high cost commercial areas to ensure that the Malays and Indians would be left in the dust when it comes to economic status compared to the Chinese and later they might have to displace from Penang.

Guan Eng's dictatorship triggered animosity of every single race, including the Chinese themselves. They included Lim Boo Chang, a former member of MPPP, whom decided to quit from the party with the excuse that Lim Guan Eng practices dictatorship and autocracy and that he often threaten and handed the sPICE project to those dearly beloved. A corrupted and an exhibitionist in the state government projects.

Guan Eng also could not hide his hatred upon the Malays and this has always provide tension between him and Malay government officers and in "damage control", he had to lie vehemently just about everything and anything!

Typically, not all Malays are stupid and cow headed as Guan Eng thought. One by one, his lies were exposed that he is now known as the Lying Chief Minister.

The responses of DAP's echelon also could not help Guan Eng in raising the rakyat's support. Too busy fighting for openness, claiming freedom of speech and freedom of the press, little do they know that the DAP leader himself does not practice openness. DAP is known with the culture of "ball pressing" anyone whom criticises their leadership. Not only that, they boycott medias that goes against their agendas. 

Just imagine Guan Eng raising the Rakyat's support when he is unworthy of the words uttered.

And not forgetting the culture of cronyism and nepotism in DAP, where only those who are related to the party echelons will wrest comfortable positions, 

All these factors had caused Guan Eng to lose faith in winning the next GE. Certainly, he would not disclosed it, but we are convinced that deep within, he knows his limitation in administrating a state. 

A proud man would often make mistake of his ego upon criticism and advise.

However this goes, irrespective of the state administration of Penang been upheld or fallen, it is NOT safe to assume PR could rest easy, ever!!!

The 100 seats targeted by PR to overturn the Government of the day, could be wishful thinking as Selangor is currently filled with garbage and potholes due to the corruption of the state government. Kedah and Kelantan seems to be on the edge, too.

Aforesaid, Guan Eng's anxiety is "on point" of the current political scene. The Rakyat is no fool to step on the same footprint twice, as was in 2008. 

More so, the Rakyat are enraged with PR, as it is not even a full term, multiple scandals had come to surface of their doing.

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