Sunday, May 26, 2013


Why the Pakatan popular vote advantage is nothing to shout about Pakatan have gone to town shouting that the 5,623,984 votes or 50.87% it won for Parliament nationwide makes them the more legitimate winner of GE13 than BN which won a total of 5,237,699 votes or 47.38%.

In other words, Pakatan candidates nationwide collected 386,285 more Parliament votes than did their BN opponents

However the fact of the matter is that Teresa Kok alone had 51,552 votes more than her MCA rival in Seputeh.

DAP’s Tan Kok Wai had a majority of 37,409 votes in Cheras over the MCA candidate. DAP’s Tan Seng Giaw had a majority of 40,307 votes over the PPP candidate.

Between the three DAP stalwarts, the trio collected a majority of 129,268.

In other words, compare that 222 Pakatan candidates nationwide had altogether 386,285 votes more than their 222 BN opponents.

However a mere three DAP candidates in KL collectively had 129,268 votes more than their three BN opponents.

Only three DAP MPs – Teresa Kok, Tan Kok Wai and Tan Seng Giaw – had already accounted for almost one-third of the much vaunted “popular vote” majority that the Pakatan is going to town with.

The bulk of the popular vote advantage gained by Pakatan can be said to be contributed by the avalanche in only a handful of DAP urban constituencies.

On second thoughts, the headline sounds like I begrudge the Opposition their popularity.

To give credit where credit is due, admittedly the Opposition won more votes but like Adi pointed out, DAP-PAS-PKR are not a formally registered coalition and they contested under their own separate party logos.

A more appropriate title might perhaps say that the popular vote advantage is not representative as it is DAP-centric and the bulk came from the Chinese urban areas.

The truth still lies in carrying out the functions according to the Constitution....BN commands more seats than the Opposition; PR. 

That is the whole ploy of their outcry to the a baby cringing for attention of a lost toy!!!

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