Thursday, June 27, 2013

Promoting COMPLAINLESS culture

An interesting subject as I briefly stop and ponder of ordinary traits under the cover of hypocrisy.

complainless: (adj.) 
1. to be free of complaints 

2. a pleasure to be around

Here's how to be "ComplainLess"...
1. Be aware.

- Recognize your typical paths to complaining - what (who) sparks your tendency to gripe.
- Minimize your exposure to them (eliminating those 'sparks' altogether may not always be realistic or the best thing).
- Know that your grumbling is a complete waste of energy.

2. Be thankful.
- Regularly reflect on all the good in your life (people, opportunities, things).
- Understand enjoy how lucky you really are.
- Be entitled to nothing.

3. Pause before you begin.
- Clip a complaint as you feel it coming.
- Put a smile or thoughtful statement in its path.
- Blame no one. Blame nothing.

4. Be accountable.
- Focus on problems rather than having them (especially with prospects and customers).
- Set the example for others and recommit when you slip.
- Care for yourself and create a positive habit.

Your words move others.
Your words move you.

Let yours send everyone in the right direction.
Simple. More enjoyable for everyone. 
(Don't You Agree???)

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