Monday, October 31, 2016

Hypocrite In Action

When you want money, you act like a spoilt brat and hand out your hand demanding money. 

When you have the money, you will tell your supporters that it is the DAP's flood mitigation project. 

Let the Penang people suffer since you people are the ones who voted for a useless Opposition that allows so many property developments that build mostly upmarket homes for the rich foreigners and local towkays. 

One of the repercussions of over development is that hills are laid barren and floods occur when rivers are full of rubbish and sediments.

There must be easily a million DAP supporters in Penang alone. Pass out the Tin Milo. If each one of these staunch DAP supporters fork out RM360 x 1 million, you already get RM360 million. 

Why beg from the federal government? Why must the federal government support a state that turns it back on BN? 
You think your Tokong is great, you think the DAP has done so well for the state and has so much reserves…go it alone!


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