Sunday, November 15, 2009

LEST be Sensitive

I do not deny the facts laid by my good "friend". The names mentioned (among them Robert Kuok, Ananda Krishnan, Yeoh Tiong Lye) are breeds of the era of independence. I am appreciative of their contributions, but not putting aside the issues of much disgruntled populations.

The opportunity has appeared and taken to rid the misgivings. But to judge wholly of the government that works with the backbone of the nation; its people (Malay, Chinese, Indian and other races) as running a fiasco is totally absurd..
Over 50 years of independence, the country has survived numerous situation and climate.....It is the prudence and understanding of our common goal. With achievements comes sacrifices.

The system of check and balance is vital in moving forward. The balance of power. Authority must be justified. Responsibility be exercised from top to bottom and across the board. Unless the politicians takes a much lesser tune...ACT more, TALK less..

Paying taxes is simply paying taxes for what you owe. It does not makes a person a lesser or greater citizen.
A true citizen must be able to amplify his contributions not in dollars n cents alone, but a person who would go out of his way to make this graceful country a pleasant and euphoric place to all, irregardless of creed, colour or religion...

LEST be sensitive, the engine has started...but to which direction does the vehicle moves...

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