Thursday, November 08, 2012

Nurul Izzah, Don't Do The Crime If You Can't Do The Time

Sinar Harian front page today showed a picture of the greatest female actress; a Prima Donna.

Datin Seri Wan Azizah who began her career in 1998, since his husband was "ousted" of the the government helm to face a sodomy charge.

This time around, Wan Azizah is back casting the role of a mother whom pitied her daughter, Nurul Izzah; facing various attacks from rakyat due to her politically incorrect statement on behalf of her party, regarding freedom of religion and on Islam.

Wan Azizah blamed the media for twisting her daughter's statement. However, just like her father who blamed the media for twisting his statement regarding his support for Israel, they only chose to file a suit against Bahasa Melayu newspapers or pro-government newspapers such as Utusan Malaysia.

In her father's case, the first media which published his statement was The Wall Street Journal and as for Izzah, it was Malaysiakini, but it seems like both of them are not interested to file any suit against those media, they did not even mentioned about those articles published by the media, except tyo witch hunt Utusan Malaysia.

The fact is, pro-government newspapers only quoted their reports, then provided reviews and due to public  raves became the target of Pakatan's continued attacks. Though no forms of manipulation in the report published by this media, but Izzah seems to be lost it.

She and her family became worked up and worried when people started to realised the "Apostasy" stand of these family.

Looking back at the news published in Sinar Harian with regards to Wan Azizah, it is could be concluded, Wan Azizah is under tremendous pressure.

Why wouldn't she, prior to this, her husband vehemently denied any involvement in Pluralism and Liberalism, but this time, and NOT to be missed, his daughter seemed to have confirmed the allegations.

From Izzah's statement, all evidence on Anwar's understandings are raised and put to questioned. His controversial speeches which clearly states that 'all religions are the same', are once again published by the media savvy activists.

His friends in ABIM whom once doubted of this issue came to confirm his belief and understandings. In short, dozens of evidence and witnesses which could confirm Anwar's plural and liberal beliefs.

Perhaps realizing how hard it is to defend himself on this matter, this family strategy to repair the image of Izzah, on sympathy. For that, Wan Azizah the great actress, has taken the lead.

This strategy might work to raise sympathy for Wan Azizah, but it could also prove how vain Nurul Izzah is. All these while, Nurul Izzah set out to prove herself a politician who always say whatever it is that is in her mind without even thinking about consequences which could hit her. Suddenly, she pictured herself as a weak woman, not being able to fight her enemy back. Very funny.....

The fact is, Nurul Izzah is not a victim, she is a politician and a leader. If she wants to do the crime, then she MUST pay the time!!!

Thus, if she makes such statements, she shoulder the responsibilities. If she thinks that Muslims should have the rights to choose their own religion, then she stick take her stand, no matter what.

Nurul Izzah used to claimed loudly, the Prime Minister was involved in a corruption case in the purchase of Scorpene which then led to a murder. That is a serious accusation.
Did she ever considered the repercussion of her statement? No!
Did the Prime Minister asked for sympathy from the rakyat to believe in him instead of Nurul Izzah and her accomplice? No!
Because the Prime Minister, knew that it was baseless and lies. He understood that it was just another dirty political game played by Nurul Izzah, her father as well as their 'crew'.
Thus, the Prime Minister provides explanations and reasonings. He solemnly swore (three times) in an Islamic manner as part of his defense.
Finally, the French themselves came up to reveal the lies which was linked to Nurul Izzah's own party.

Nurul Izzah became worrisome, unlike the Prime Minister. The Rakyat could make their own conclusion that Izzah is not a victim from anyone's twisted tongue, but she really believe in her stand that Muslims should be given the rights to change religions just like any other people out there.

No one can deny that Nurul Izzah finally followed her father's foot steps in supporting Pluralism and Liberalism. All these while she has been hiding behind her tudung as well as baju kurung and appeared pious.

Truth be told, the family is strong armed on Plural and liberal agendas of their "Western masters".

We urge Nurul Izzah to come clean on herself and family's understanding. The very least we could respect her as a courageous (but silly) leader, even though we cannot respect her as a good Muslimah.

For not being unable to admit the truth, Izzah is similar as her father, a wussy, hypocrite, pretends to be a good Muslim, communist, democrat, neo-con and just about anything which could provide political interest to them.

If Izzah is fearful to face all of these, then she should just go back to reality and get out of  the big league with her tail wagging between her legs.

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