Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Divisive To What End?

Time and time again, we hear calls for the Malays to preserve unity and protect the other races by the Malay leaders. Strangely no such calls were mentioned or touched to reciprocate. Certain members of the public made provocations of once sensitive and taboo in the harmonious Malaysia.

Let us walk to discover one such claims of unbalanced share of the pie. The special position accorded to the Malays to equilibrate in the economics sector were questioned and deemed unjust.

According to http://www.forbes.com/malaysia-billionaires/list/#tab:overall published by Forbes on Top 50 Richest Malaysian, denotes the Malays were represented by seven individuals amassed USD3.925 billion of USD84.970 billion reported on Feb 24 2016. Three were from the Indian ethnicity, thirty seven from the Chinese, while another three from other ethnicity. Regardless, two are non citizen.

There is no such thing as a racial "rights" to be given special treatment. And that is not me being argumentative, it's the Constitution. You won't find "Malay rights" in the supreme law of our land, instead, you will find terms such as "special position" of the Malays. The difference is more than semantics. A right implies something inalienable. A privilege on the other hand is a benefit, presumably given to those who need it.

While the Malays continues to be divisive - of their Malayness and loyal to their Leaders; some political figures in Malaysia are plain greedy, corrupted, dishonest, unreliable, selfish, unscrupulous and loves to be pretentious to general public so as to get naive public attention and recognition, for their culminated 'honorable' status, took matters to secure their interest.

The Malays are tolerable and forgiving lots. But it works both ways and expected of others as agreed by our country's founding fathers; social contract. I guessed we’re paying penance for the choices and actions we make then and present.

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