Friday, October 14, 2016

Listen, listen, listen…dear Leaders

"You're what you do. Not what you say" Actions speaks volumes, not candy coated promises that never fulfilled. 

Should the 'elected leaders' represents the interest of the people and their future, devoid of animosity or high strung for power...the world would indeed be a better place. Take the lead on the message from the video as a leader. 
Propagating or conspiring endless feuds to maintain innocence or vain supremacy invites fictitious support (to remain and maintain stature of “who’s who”) only beckons the people on street to be divided with hatred. 

Change is NOT easy. It never was. The people seeks justice for the present and the future generations. Their rights protected and preserved to charge head strong into the unknown; stronger and proud. Not temporary conquest of power. 

“You can bend the rules of political physics in Malaysia, not forever but for awhile.”

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