Thursday, October 13, 2016

Penang Taxi Embattling Dilemma or Nuisance?

In a fast pace of public mobility, taxi industry plays an important role in the public land transportation system, an option outside the rail and stage bus operational hours. 

In Penang, with the ferry, stage buses and taxis shares the experience of providing services to the less affording or those who value the checks and balances of their finances and convenience. 

SPAD (Public Land Transportation Commission) has reviewed a new taxi rates and fares which encompasses the taxis in Penang, too, previously introduced on 1st April 2015. The new rate applies to the budget taxi and TEKS1M as indicated in 

This taxi structure is offers the taxi drivers a minimum return per journey that covers the operating costs components involved; the vehicle, fuel costs, maintenance, labor, overhead and time spent in congested traffic. 
Despite all the best interest of the services, there are some stubborn operators whom chose to defy the conducts and terms of the services. ‘No Price Haggling’ has been a “pain in the butt” (apologies for the choice of words) despite several cautions made by the authorities. 
Telltales of permit violations by some taxi drivers and cases of crimes or reluctance to provide services, committed by some individual taxi driver in their haste and selfishness needs to be addressed and summoned. 

Above and beyond, a good taxi services uplift the image of the country with their first and lasting impression for tourists. Most certainly for the locals, it is a welcoming experience for the industry players to reciprocate or losing to Uber services?

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