Friday, November 11, 2016

Overture of Greed and Hypocrisy in Penang

An influential environmental activist, Wendell Berry in his book in 1971 emphasized the preservation of natural areas and adapting a long range perspective on environment, employed the adage which has since cited and expressed in numerous environmental talks and publications to date. 

“We have not inherited this earth from our parents to do with it what we will. We have borrowed it from our children and we must be careful to use it in their interests as well as our own.” 

Penang has enjoyed the center of attraction for its sandy beach and hills, a heritage that charms the British colonial. The lush green hill tops became the choice for residence of the affluent and the populace for cool and calming visits. 
on top of Bukit Botak, due to rampant illegal activities  
Sadly, the state government and its agencies is concerned of luxury developments, reclamation of the shoreline and mega projects to lure investors and market as tourism product. It bothers them not of illegal hill clearing activities under their nose. 
hill stretch at Sg Ara. Highlighting excavators at work
Bald patches are noticeable on several parts of the island and the mainland while driving or from aerial view. The photos accompanied shows deforested hill of unauthorized activities and without action taken in the infamous Bukit Relau off Jalan Bukit Gambier which is dubbed the “Bukit Botak”, Bukit Laksamana, Telok Bahang dam, the hill stretch at Sungai Ara. 
Bkt Laksamana, Telok Bahang land clearing
about 1km away from water catchment
These illegal land clearings are carried out by irresponsible developers or contractors or farmer farmers without approval from the authorities. Members of the public has forwarded information on such acts, yet has fallen to deaf ears or actions procrastinated by the vested authorities.
Patches of  illegal clearing at Penang Hill
Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng during the state assembly sitting in November 2015, assured the Penang Island City Council (MBPP) are using drones to check on illegal hill clearings and CCTVs would be installed in 2016 to monitor illegal earthworks, is a frequent hypocrisy. 

Monitoring devoid actions on the defaulters, Mr Chief Minister?

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