Friday, November 04, 2016

The Fate of Penangites’ Under DAP Led Government

It is most unfortunate to Penangites since the state government of Penang led by DAP took over BN in 2008. The plight of Penangites has actually taken a back seat, since the state government has steered away from responsibilities and polishing ego. 
The weather too has taken some Penangites at bay and dire need of assistance in the year end monsoon cycle. Within the span of two weeks, flood has hit Mukim 12, Batu Maung, Penang; on the 24th October, 1st and 4th November. 
Those affected evidently of the hardworking Penangites has their arms full! Their homes has to be cleanse tirelessly soon after returning from temporary flood shelter and sacrificed their work days. Their work leaves exhausted on unfinished cleaning and tidying homes. Indeed it is NOT a fun day unlike frolicking under the sun. 
This morning, a heavy rain pour has caused flood in some areas in Bayan Baru and Bukit Jambul. Some nearby areas in Taman Lip Sin and Batu Maung are affected too. Penang is going through wet days, especially to those living on the island and in the lowlands. 
The state government however is concerned with blaming the Federal Government, in the event of such calamity, instead of addressing and working on a concerted effort resolving the beckoning subject. The people of Penang has to brace themselves in these difficult and challenging times with grim faces of the state government’s indifference. 
Oddly, the state government willingly spent RM305 million on paperwork for a project of prominence compared to the flood problems experienced by the ordinary Joe.

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