Tuesday, December 13, 2016

A Sign To Heed

Thousands of people had been rendered homeless or afraid to return to their homes following the earthquake of the 6.5 magnitude that hit Acheh district on December 7. In Pidie Jaya, Acheh, alone, more than 8,000 people spent the night in shelters. 

Earthquake activity is regular in this region, where it is part of the “Ring of Fire”. The Ring of Fire, also called the Circum-Pacific belt, is a string of volcanoes and sites of seismic activity, or earthquakes, around the edges of the Pacific Ocean where about 90% of the world's earthquakes occurs. The ring (actually took the shape of a horseshoe) is dotted with 75% of all active volcanoes on Earth. 
Many lives was lost and leaving terrifying memories of the December 26, 2004 earthquake that hit Sumatra, Indonesia. The magnitude of the 9.1 quake, the second strongest ever recorded wreaks death and devastation across the Indian Ocean coastline, with over 230,000 dead (more than 100,000 are Acehnese). 

The earthquake that struck Acheh this time around, however brings more destruction and collapsed of mosques compared to the 2004 quake. This is a clear sign or premonition of Allah al Mighty’s wrath to His creation. 

Sahrul Abdullah, the Committee Chairman of Masjid Jami Nur Abdullah from Gampong Paru Kedeu, Kabupaten Pidie Jaya expressed his opinion on the latest calamity to Antara News.

“The scholars and elder clerics had called for more religious activities and the mass to occupy mosques. However, it did not happen. Fact is, there are more mosques built in a district and pulling the mass from attendance…” he commented. 

Building more mosques without consensus to worship is a waste. This is an act of arrogance and Allah al Mighty is sending signs of His displeasure at mankind. The latest incident resulted in more than 100 dead and thousands of people homeless.

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