Monday, December 19, 2016

Penang, Government of Competency, Accountability and Transparency: Deceit, Lies and Typically Hypocrite, Part 3

Disappointment and dissent are loud when Penang local authorities demolished hawker stall, considered as biased and deliberately a racial reprimand. The demolition exercise in March 2014 in Telok Bahang, where some 14 stalls were demolished to rubble belonging to Malay stall operators while others were spared

Over time, in other parts of Penang, the authorities began clamping down on “illegally operated” and “obstructing road traffic” offences. Prior to actions by the local authorities, some business operators sought to legalized their business or premise, but received cold shoulders from them.

One could notice, hawker stalls operating along the Jalan Raja Uda stretch (Bagan parliamentary seat held by Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng), with cars double parked on each side of the roads, minus any enforcement by the local authorities. Such bigotry and repressive!

The number of “tanah wakaf (Malay endowed land or “waqf”) covers an area of ​​11,091.82 hectares, comprising of typical and special endowed lands. The State Islamic Religious Council (MAIN) is responsible to matters pertaining to religious affairs, including matters related to and serves as sole trustee to ‘waqf’ land.

Penang ‘waqf’ land is neglected and abandoned under DAP led state government with limited funding to develop the land and provide well-being for the dwellers. Improper and constraints of professional management on the land has also contributed to invasion and landed into wrong hands. This happened to ‘waqf’ Jalan Masjid off Chulia Street, where reportedly the deed is acquired by a Chinese Singaporean.

There are no less than 754 hectares of ‘waqf’ land in Penang. The renowned ‘waqf’ land in the city center includes Kg. Makam, Kg. Dodol, and Kg. Masjid. There are several less known ‘waqf’ land in the city, the island and the mainland which requires to be protected and salvage heritage.

Clearly the most insensitive act by the DAP led state government would be approving the Pig Farming Enactment 2016 in the recent Penang State Legislative assembly. Had it not caused adverse impact on the local residents, mainly the Malays, where pig farms are concentrated?
Wastes from pig farms entered the drainage into rivers, polluting water leading to nearby water treatment plant and emitting unbearable odor to disheartened communities. Furthermore, has there been a conclusive study on the environmental and sosio-economic impact undertaken to justify a modern and high-tech farming to be developed in Jawi, Sungai Bakap, which involved the communities to conclude the decision?

The action to grant permit to illegal pig farmers, is not a solution, in addition to the 150 pig farms currently existed especially when they have violated the stipulation under the Environmental Quality Act 1974.

The presence of Malay representatives as Penang State Executives; Mohd Rashid Hasnon as the Deputy Chief Minister 1, Abdul Malik Abul Kassim and Dr. Afif Bahardin with relevant authority in designated portfolios, is not representing nor preserving the interest of the Muslim and general population in Penang, no more than a stooge to Lim Guan Eng’s deceit and hypocrisies.

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