Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Malaysia’s First Interim PM, A Perfect Manchurian

Datin Seri Wan Azizah Wan Ismail, the wife of Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, presence in Malaysian political scene has certainly attributed to her husband’s brush falling out with the ruling Barisan Nasional in 1998, failing to become the next Prime Minister. 

As Anwar, the voice to Refomasi movement, founder and leading figure of Parti KeADILan Rakyat (PKR) political career tainted with criminal charges that caused him to be prisoned, came to a halt, Wan Azizah stepped into active politics as Member of Parliament (MP) for Permatang Pauh in 1999. 

She continued her role as President of PKR in Anwar’s absence. Wan Azizah carried on the role of MP less any responsibilities, due to her concerned and love for Anwar until she stepped down, soon after winning the 2008 General Election to make way for Anwar’s return to contest in a by-election. 

Fading from the national political stage, Wan Azizah makes a political comeback through the Kajang by-election in 2014. She was elected the Selangor state legislative assembly member, but failed to attend the flood woes of her constituents with Chief Minister Azmin Ali pledge to help but aggravated the situation to water supply disruption faced by Klang Valley population! 

The Japanese fan lady, with her demure looks, make another startling political move, when Anwar was convicted of sodomy charges in 2015, forcing another by-election in and Azizah came out victorious. What about her constituent’s well-being with flood woes? This time around, Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng followed suit, and Penang hit by flash floods. 
Anwar had failed to overturn his conviction recently. Under Malaysian law a person is banned from political activities for five years after the end of his sentence. Thus Wan Azizah’s name became the choice as Prime Minister as proposed by Lim Kit Siang, should the Opposition coalition come into power. 

Lim Kit Siang is experienced, crafty and a cunning politician. He acknowledges Wan Azizah is politically inept, however if he positioned himself for the prime minister of Malaysia, as most Malaysian has come to know, certainly the Malays would outright object the idea. 

Lim will plant ideas and suggestions into Wan Azizah’s mind and have her believe those ideas and suggestions are her own. In letting Wan Azizah into office, will allow Lim to manipulate the direction of the government without having to bear responsibility when problems arise. 

Wan Azizah as the interim prime minister, may unwittingly or willingly allow herself serves as a tool of DAP again, concentrating her efforts to have her husband released from prison while the voters and the Rakyat is again fooled. 

Even a cat might jump out of its skin, considering a first Malaysian women for interim Prime Minister!

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