Friday, December 23, 2016

Promises, Tools To Gain Authority

The heavy downpour in Penang, yesterday has aggrieved many people. This time around, flash food was reported on the mainland, and it hit Sg. Puyu under the care of Phee Boon Poh who is the state Exco on Environment. 
Flash flood had hit the Bagan Parliamentary too, whom Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng is the Member of Parliament. Had the rain continued longer, the flood is expected to have risen. 
Even the Butterworth Kulim Expressway leading towards the Sg. Nyior tool was flooded, with motor vehicles stranded by the roadside. The expressway was closed for light vehicle causing a massive pile-up after office hours. 
Flood mitigation and local government held by the office of Chow Kon Yeow certainly has their hands full, too. The drainage system is not managed well by the Majlis Perbandaran Seberang Perai (MPSP) with worsening traffic condition. 

Penang state government advocated they are leaders of the Rakyat, yet frequent flood that hit low-lying grounds are not addressed. The rakyat is fooled about promises of better days, only to be dashed when these politicians comes into power. 

They orchestrated the Anti Penang Hill development, now the hills that once attracted visitors are getting bald. Shorelines are reclaimed to appeal foreign investors into the state. Concrete walls replacing the view and sea breeze once the locals enjoyed and marine life affected. 
Blame the Federal government? Or better yet, the past Barisan Nasional led state government. DAP has led the state government since 2008, never fails to blame others when lost for words.