Monday, December 26, 2016

Why Graduates Are Still Unemployed?

With academic excellence or achievements, why does a graduate fails to land a job? A study conducted by, shows many of the graduates sought higher wages up to RM6, 500 causing many of the companies reluctant to take them in. 

According to 68 percent respondents from several many companies mentioned the graduates applying for jobs are not being realistic about their first job of their qualifications as a ticket for living comfortably. 
About 30 percent of the graduates seeking employment are asking a pay scale of up to RM6, 500, while the prospective companies are held back with 5 main factors affecting the recruiting, says Simon Si, Chairman of Regional Communication, 

The reasons to failure in landing a job are due to: inability or poor to communicate in English. They poorly relate or express themselves, projecting poor personality and attitude when interviewed. Some of the candidates are reportedly being choosy of the positions offered. The high pay scale tagged by the graduates too, does not commensurate with their experiences. 

The graduates entering the employment sector are advised to practice smart money management and spending according to their ability level. Besides having soft skills may place them in a better position in the employment market.