Wednesday, August 02, 2017

The Malay Pawn Tragedy...Will It End Well?

The present messed up and discontent are brought about by the leaders and their goons, as they believed it had to done to keep themselves alive in the frail security of power.

They have neither proves to be loyal to the struggle of the Malays, Islam or the nation. If they defy and or dislike (in silence, as proven over time), and conspire support for the next leader, what kind of a supporter, they be?

Whence, incompetence should NOT be rewarded with blind loyalty as true allegiance lies NOT for the leaders but WITH the people; whom the leaders aims to win their hearts of a just rule.

The power tussle among the Malay based politics (UMNO, PAS, PKR, PAN, PPBM) has not evolved but worsened and damaging for the Malay majority despite dictated in Federal Constitution Malaysia, as the leaders formulated winning strategies with the minorities over the majority.

The Malays and the Bumiputera will heed their leaders well, not of blind allegiance but because, they have chosen to serve (the right) representatives of their voices.

The outcome of the coming General Election may otherwise least likely carve a smile to true Malaysian.😱

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