Thursday, August 25, 2016

Witch hunting and Character Assassination

The state of Leadership and politics is bewildering. A true leader nurtures understanding, delegation of tasks/responsibilities, creates opportunity and future leaders NOT little Napoleons.
Most certainly, to adopt the Machiavellian principles; the end justifies the means and depict an unfounded perception, is overbearing and despicable.
To what end, does enforcing a brain dead into the masses which is likeable to generating Zombies and herd mentalities?
Obviously a "zombie" is a dead body brought back to life by force or forces unknown; supernatural. While a snap translation of "Herd mentality" allows precedence over reason, a conformity over individual judgement.
Ignoring the nature and causes for remedial will spruce a "mob" mentality, detrimental to the Rakyat.
One don't stand up to free speech by shutting down others. Instead of focusing on education, indoctrination seems the culture of the day. Needless to say, everyone is entitled to their opinion but NOT to their own facts.

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