Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Information: Influences and Incrimination

Over a year ago, McD Malaysia was to clarify the allegations of contributions made to the Zion state of Israel. The McD management has made public statements and to exact its contribution, denying any direct nor indirect relation to Israel, but paying itus royalties and dues in the franchise. 

Despite its best efforts, McD Malaysia is again affected with recent news viral over the social media platform on the use of swine by product of its food preparation. Clearly, the effect is more pronounced as McD Malaysia workforce (including the management) and "franchisee" exceeding 80 per cent is Muslim. 
Could this be doctored to discredit McD’s food industry as a whole? However, to point out the fact, McD Malaysia abstained from using Non Halal or swine product in its operation in the region as well as outlets it managed or monitors in the Middle East. 

Of course, the debate in question is faced by the Muslim community especially in the Malay archipelago, such things are taken lightly and some being hypocritical throughout their everyday life. 

Other franchise businesses to name a few, Starbuck declares it supported the Zionist and contributed financial gains to the cause. Old Town White Coffee, a local franchise business operates without ‘HALAL’ certification. The Hard Rock Hotel chain is nestled with hedonistic activities. 
Many would flock and visited these premises, fascinated with the services and products offered, the ambiance, and so on, despite their belligerence. Defensively some patrons and public, are heard responded, denying their knowledge of the situation. Some even ignore or concerned. 

Allah, forbid such acts! May we are strong in our faith and struggle on this testing time. Knowledge is powering but detrimental when interpreted wrongly.

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