Tuesday, December 06, 2016

The Case of Being Diplomatic

With a strong mandate given by the UMNO delegates, the UMNO President attended the rally on a common issues with PAS President at the Stadium Titiwangsa, last Sunday, condemning the Myanmar violence and bloodied crackdowns against the Rohingnyas. 
This is the third rally of such nature organized in the capital city, Kuala Lumpur. Previously, similar effort was called at the Myanmar Embassy and the National Mosque in condemning Myanmar and urging the regime to stop violence against the Rohingyas. 

The recent rally, highlighted the cooperation between two largest political parties (UMNO and PAS) representing the Malays and Islam, committed in their protest against atrocities beyond universal values. 

Reportedly, there are about 1.5 million Rohingnya ethnic residing in the Rakhine state (known as Arakan in ancient Burma) of the total Myanmar population of about 55 million. The Rohingnya exodus has sparked an ongoing regional humanitarian crisis. 

Malaysia and Thailand, being the closest to the Myanmar borders are already implicated with human trafficking issues, in addition coping with the influx of Myanmar refugees since 2012 to February 2016; approximately 144,390 refugees that majority are Rohingnya ethnic. 
The rampant killings and absence of intervention by the world and regional communities (UN, OIC and ASEAN) resulted in Myanmar public disgusted with Malaysian head of state as pictured at the Malaysian Embassy in Yangon, Myanmar.

Malaysia should propose a review of Myanmar membership in the ASEAN community of such inhumane nature. The rhetoric on Rohingnya has taken a new dimension. Action is required! 

Close the Malaysian embassy and the envoy to return home, immediately. The Myanmar envoy and workers should be expelled from Malaysia. Impose trade embargo on Myanmar. Similarly when UN recognized the Israelis into Palestine in 1948, they should exercise the same with the Rohingnya.

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